Apply now! Hamilton Award helps outstanding juniors prepare for, succeed in college

The Hamilton Award, sponsored by the Alexander Hamilton Friends Association, recognizes outstanding high school juniors for their academic, personal, and service achievements and selects students for the Hamilton Leaders Academy – a three-year, no student cost program that helps students get into college, transition to college, succeed while in college and transition to the post college world. Only 35 juniors are selected each year from across the country.

Who is eligible?

A Hamilton Award Winner…

• Is a Junior in high school.

• Is college bound.

• Has a strong record of community service.

• Shows a strong commitment to their academic studies.

• Is a self-starter and has proven this through activities such as: organizing a fundraiser, starting a business, creating a club or organization or working to help support their family.

• Shows passion and commitment to their interests. This is often manifested in athletic, artistic or academic achievements.

• Has financial and/or personal need. Hamilton Friends serves students from low-income households. When choosing our winners we take the applicant’s financial, family and community situation into consideration.

• Is committed to participating in the Hamilton Leaders Academy.

Winners are enrolled in the Hamilton Leaders Academy and receive:

• A $500 cash scholarship

• Leadership training in Seattle (2016) and Central America (2017)

• College application assistance 

• Scholarship and financial aid search assistance

• Internship and mentorship opportunities


The deadline to apply is March 4, 2015 and the application and additional information can be found at

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