U.S. Senate Youth program offers juniors, seniors opportunity to explore government, leadership issues

Each year, two student leaders from every state are selected to attend a weeklong government and leadership opportunity called the United States Senate Youth program. Through this program, which is in its 54th year, juniors and senior school officeholders from across the nation will meet with legislative, executive, and judicial leaders to discuss political issues that affect the nation. The all-expenses-paid trip to Washington is scheduled for March 5-12, 2016. Each participant also receives a $5,000 undergraduate college scholarship and encouragement to pursue coursework in history and political science.

The deadline for applying to this program is Thursday, September 24, 2015, and it is open to any Baltimore County junior or senior who holds elected or appointed positions during the current school year, including student council members and officers, class presidents, vice presidents, secretaries or treasurers, or student representatives elected or appointed to district, regional or state civic or educational organizations. High school principals are allowed to nominate one student per school; nominees will complete a qualifying exam, which will determine 10 finalists from whom each state’s candidates will be chosen.

Application forms from nominated students, which may be obtained from each high school counseling office, should be turned in by September 24 to Michele Moore, Maryland State Department of Education, 200 W. Baltimore St., 4th Floor, Baltimore, MD 21201.  For more information about the program, visit: www.ussenateyouth.org, or for additional information, contact Vanessa Diggs at 410-767-0653 or via email at vanessa.diggs@maryland.gov.

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