New York Times announces student contests for the year

The New York Times has just announced a slate of student competitions for the 2015-2016 school year — including writing, rap, editorial cartooning, and  video. Winners and their work are featured on the New York Times Learning Network blog.

Contest dates are still tentative, but here’s what’s coming:

Editorial cartoon contest, 9/17-10/20

Review contest, 10/22-11/24 (reviews of books, movies, restaurants, albums, video games, TV shows, etc.)

Year in rap contest, 12/3-1/12 (a rap about the year’s news)

Vocabulary video contest, 1/14-2/23 (a 15-second video about the meaning of a New York Times word of the day)

Editorial contest, 2/25-3/29 (on any issue that matters to you)

Found poetry contest, 3/31-5/3 (using words and phrases from New York Times articles)

Summer reading contest, 6/10 – 8/12 (about articles in the Times)

Click here for more information, and keep checking the New York Times for exact dates and contest details.

Good luck!!

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